The division was established in1996 by joining two departments, the Department of Biology established in 1942 and the Department of Molecular Biology established in1961 as the Institute of Molecular Biology. The division consists of seven major laboratories, each of which includes several research groups. Activities of the division centers on the molecular and cellular bases of various biological events. All the faculty members are also responsible for teaching undergraduate students in the Department of Biological Science. This division was selected as one of the Centers of Excellence by the Ministry of Education(Monbusyo).

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Laboratory of Biomolecular Architecture
Group of Molecular Neurobiology
Professor m46920a(at) Mori
Designated Associate Professor Young-Jai You
Designated Lecturer Tsunehiko Kohashi
Assistant Professor Yuki Tsukada
Assistant Professor Shunji Nakano
Group of Neural Circuit
Professor kamikouchi(at) Kamikouchi
Assistant Professor
Hiroshi Ishimoto
Assistant Professor
Yuki Ishikawa
Assistant Professor
Nao Morimoto
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics
Group of Developmental Cell Biology
Professor kohsumi(at) Ohsumi
Lecturer Mari Iwabuchi
Laboratory of Molecular Information and Cellular Regulation
Group of Plant Reproductive Systems
Professor higashi(at) Higashiyama
Associate Professor Narie Sasaki
Lecturer Masahiro Kanaoka
Designated Lecturer Minako Ueda
Designated Assistant Professor Daisuke Kurihara
Designated Assistant Professor Michitaka Notaguchi
Group of Intracellular Dynamics
Professor goshima(at) Goshima
Assistant Professor Tomomi Kiyomitsu
Assistant Professor Sadanori Watanabe
Laboratory of Developmental Biology
Group of Intercellular Signaling Biology
Professor matsu(at) Matsubayashi
Assistant Professor Hidefumi Shinohara
Group of Reproductive Biology
Professor mtanaka(at) Tanaka
Assistant Professor Toshiya Nishimura
Group of Development and Growth Regulation
Associate Professor yoshioka(at) Yoshioka
Associate Professor Shin Takagi
Lecturer Shin Sugiyama
Lecturer Akira Kanamori
Assistant Professor Yoshimasa Yagi
Laboratory of Genetic Mechanisms
Group of Cell Regulation
Professor kinoshita.makoto(at) Kinoshita
Lecturer Natsumi Ageta-Ishihara
Assistant Professor Asako Shindo
Group of Molecular and Cell Biology
Professor z47617a(at) Kamura
Lecturer Kunio Nakatsukasa
Lecturer Fumihiko Okumura
Group of Chromosome Biology
Associate Professor nishiyama(at) Nishiyama
Laboratory of Supramolecular Biology
Group of Supra-molecular Structure
Associate Professor matsuura.yoshiyuki(at) Matsuura
Associate Professor Akihiro Narita
Lecturer Kingo Takiguchi
Group of Biomembrane Functions
Professor g44416a(at) Homma
Associate Professor Seiji Kojima
Assistant Professor
Yasuhiro Onoue
Laboratory of Cell Regulation
Group of Developmental Morphogenesis
Professor akuro(at)nagoya-u.jpAtsushi Kuroiwa
Lecturer Takayuki Suzuki
Assistant Professor Youichi Shiraishi
Group of Signal Transduction
Professor g44177a(at) Matsumoto
Associate Professor Naoki Hisamoto
Associate Professor Hiroshi Hanafusa
Laboratory of Biological Systems
Group of Plant Physiology
Professor kinoshita(at) Kinoshita
Associate Professor
Norihito Nakamichi
Assistant Professor Koji Takahashi
Assistant Professor Shinichiro Inoue
Group of Cell Biology
Lecturer s47526a(at) Hirako
Sugashima Marine Biological Laboratory
Group of Marine Developmental Biochemistry
Professor and Director hsawada(at) Sawada
Lecturer Satohiko Araki
Assistant Professor Yoshito Harada
Assistant Professor
Maki Shirae-Kurabayashi
Assistant Professor
Yuji Ise
Assistant Professor
Shiori Nakazawa
The Center for Gene Research
Laboratory of Gene Analysis
Professor sugita(at) Sugita
Lecturer Takuya Matsuo
Assistant Professor
Mizuho Ichinose
Group of Plant Molecular Signaling
Professor ytada(at) Tada
Associate Professor Kunio Ihara
Bioscience and Biotechnology Center
Group of Animal Organ Functions
Professor hibi(at) Hibi
Associate Professor Takashi Shimizu
Assistant Professor Hisashi Hashimoto
G30 International Programs
Group of Plant Size Regulation
Designated Professor ymizukami(at) Mizukami
Associate Professor
mnvassileva(at) Maria Nicolaeva
Designated Professor
Group of Biochronometry
Designated Professor kondo(at) Kondo
Emeritus Professor
Group of Developmental Mechano Cell Biology
Researcher yas(at) Machida
Senior Fellow
Group of Actin Filament Study(Structural Biology Research Center)
Researcher ymaeda(at) Maéda
Structural Biology Research Center
Group of Protein Crystallography
(Please refer to Laboratory of Supramolecular Biology)
Leader, Associate Prof Yoshiyuki Matsuura (Lab for Supra-molecular structures)
Group of Electron Cryo-microscopy
(Please refer to Laboratory of Supramolecular Biology)
Leader, Associate Prof Akihiro Narita (Lab for Supra-molecular structures)
Group of Protein NMR Research
Leader, Visiting Prof kainosho(at) Kainosho
Group of Structural and Molecular Pharmacology
Professor hiroaki.hidekazu(at) Hiroaki
Associate Professor Tetsuya Kodama
Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules(ITbM)
Group of Plant Pattern Formation
Visiting Professor Keiko Torii
Associate Professor
uchinao(at) Uchida